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Check out the Highland Park 12, which is considered the finest all-around single malt!

We can help you find the perfect drink for your taste. Speak to our staff today.

Highland Wine & Spirits store's pride is our single malt scotch selection. You will find brands from all the regions of Scotland like Highland, Lowland, Isle of Skye, Speyside and Islay on our shelves. We also have a nice selection of Bourbons. If we don’t have what you need at our store in Highland, we will get it for you.


You will have fun tasting the difference between a Highland Macallan aged in Sherry oak casks with its sweeter finish and the super-peaty style of Laphroig or Lagavulin from Islay or Talisker from Isle of Skye.

Your favorite rums, gins, vodkas, cognacs take up an entire wall of our store!

You choose from the latest releases of creative producers like Glenmorangie such as The Original (10 Years Old), Lasanta (Sherry Cask Extra Matured), Quinta Ruban (Port Cask Extra Matured), Nectar D'Or (Sauternes Cask Extra Matured). We supply for special orders. We are backed up by 8 years of experience in serving spirits. Just call 301-854-0720 to know more.